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    Friday, 23 May 2008
    Purple Heart

    I am still amazed with God's greatness. He's been really generous to me; to give me a heart that I now have is so overwhelming. I feel blessed. Thank You, Lord.

    So amazing, as You paint the sky.
    So amazing, makes me wonder why..

    You love me like You do.
    Yes, You love me like You do.
    So amazing, so amazing..

    Natutuwa talaga ako at humahanga. Humahanga ako sa puso ko, ang tibay. *nurse mode* But I don't have strength on my own. It all comes from God. Praise your name, Jesus!

    Hillsong United - All for Love

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    Monday, 12 May 2008
    Talk to whom?

    You are hurt.
    But you haven't shed a tear.
    How long will you stay that way?
    Until when will you keep the burden inside?

    You may not know what lies ahead
    Or what could've happened
    But you owe yourself
    Save it from agony.

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    Saturday, 10 May 2008
    Music in My Life

    It was last night when I figured out my recent means of unloading what I’ve been feeling inside. It’s like a turbulence caused by a storm. Not that I’m emotionally shattered or the like. Say it’s like a reaction formation. I’m not really in the mood to explain so I’ll just keep going.

    I’ve been listening to different artists and bands lately. It’s my way of telling my immediate circle what I feel. I think people need a reminder of what they are going through, somehow. They want to hear or see what they could hardly express.

    I have heard of Yellowcard before, but I didn’t pay any attention to it until the night of Wednesday, 07 May 2008. My friends played Only One during our surprise for my cousin’s 18th birthday. The next day, I’ve been listening a lot to it. And I still do.

    Exploring different artists and bands was nice because it exposed me to different styles, music and art. It was actually fun. And it saved me from trouble figuring out how to put into words what I feel inside. I don’t want to blog out the gravity of what I am going through. My unconscious mind is making things lighter than they actually are. Too bad I am in the health care profession so I was able to figure out that my physical complaints are somehow related to my emotional health. I can’t contribute everything to it though because I’ve been really toxic lately. But the reaction formation thingy, I have no doubt for that.

    I’ve been listening to songs that I can somehow relate to. There were those that are familiar, which I have heard even when I was still a little kid (e.g. Guns n’ Roses, Bryan Adams) and there were those that I just clicked and tried.

    It’s fun. But it’d me much better if I really get over this.

    I keep hurting inside, hurting inside
    With nowhere to run…

    Now playing:
    Take That - Patience

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    Friday, 2 May 2008

    Shugudeng! Wala ako sa mood na mag-kwento pero gusto ko mag-update ng blog. Ang dami kong gustong gawin pero may mga limitation at delimitation ako. Buti na lang walang exam next week. Pero may kailangan akong ipasa bukas. Anak ng tipaklong hindi ko nga alam ang hinihingi s'akin eh. Sana may makuha akong cue ngayon pagpunta ko sa school.

    Gusto ko rin mag-aral ng drums. Nag-aaral naman ako eh pero gusto ko tuloy-tuloy. Pero hindi formal lesson 'yun. Gusto ko na rin mag-aral mag-gitara. Para masaya. xp

    Hindi pa rin ako nakaka-get over sa sitwasyon ko. Sumasakit pa rin. Sana lang mawala na agad 'to. Nakakainis. Nakakaloko talaga ang pag-ikot ng mga bagay-bagay. Pero kailangan magpatawad. Kapag humilom na ang mga sugat at nakapag-isip na ako nang maayos, saka na ako tatalikod at lilimot.

    Pero nakakatawa lang kasi mag-iisang taon na pero hindi pa rin nawawala. At ngayon naman ay nasasaktan. Sabi nga nila, kung hindi ka nasasaktan hindi ka.. Alam n'yo na 'yun. XD

    Parang ang sarap kantahin ng Do I Have to Say the Words ni Bryan Adams. Haha! Pero siyempre, hindi ko pa rin nakakalimutan ang sinabi ko kay Lord. Kaya nga gusto ko na makalimot agad eh. Grabe, mag-iisang taon na. Sa iba naman, kahit wala pang tatlong buwan ay ok na. Pero iba 'to eh. Nakakatawa na nakakainis.

    Hanggang ngayon ay tinatakbuhan ko pa rin ang sakit. (._. )

    now playing:
    Do'Ahou - To Be With You

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