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    Thursday, 31 March 2005
    Question and Answers
    Q: Which part of the colon will you find the appendix?
    A: Ascending Colon

    Q: Tropical cyclone developed over tropical waters (Australia).
    A: Willy-willy

    Q: 3D Symptoms
    A: Pellagra

    Q:Smallest monkey which the baby is carried by the father.
    A: Marmoset
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    Tuesday, 22 March 2005
    I was able to talk with Mike at school and I told him what I was having trouble with. It was troublesome. I'm not that type of person who would tell other people what's going on with me, not all the time. But it was a little relief. It's indeed important to have someone you could talk to. Just a listener. I'm glad Mike is a good listener. Oh, the reason why I'm comfortable telling him what's going on with me is because I treat him as a brother. We're from SERG and we treat each other as a family, a brother or a sister.
    Pyra taught me some of the basic in guitar a while ago. I hope I'll be able to learn this skill. I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. But I had some problems before so...could hardly explain.
    By the way, tomorrow is our Youth Camp in Tayabas, Quezon. Nawawalang Paraiso. What an odd name! ^_^ I just hope that's everything's gonna be fine. I have to talk to him. I must. He's waiting for me for long! T_T
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    Monday, 21 March 2005
    100% WARRIOR!!!
    Too bad Pacman didn't win. Still then, in the hearts of every Filipino Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is a champion and our hero. ^_^
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    Friday, 18 March 2005
    Wala Lang...
    I'm quite anxious about my academic situation. Pissed!!! Worried!!! Doshite? T_T
    Hala, para akong baliw!

    Waaaahhh! Ayokong mabaliw? Natatakot ako! :lol: XDBiro lang. =P
    Asar talaga. Ang daming gagawin!!!

    How I wish I have Kage no Bushin jutsu! If only, shock! Masaya na ako!
    Pero anak ng tokwa! Ang dami kong pinoproblema! Asar!!! Sana kasi lapitan ko na 'yung naghihitay sa akin. Ang tagal na niya akong hinihintay pero 'di ko pa rin siya nilalapitan. T_TI feel guilty!

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    Wednesday, 16 March 2005
    15 March 2005
    After our class in Physics, I went to Market!Market! to check something. I decided to go to Photoline to know what's wrong with the camera. They said that it seemed to be stucked-up, but I decided to buy 2 AA batteries.

    When I'm at home and changed the batteries of the camera, it worked. Then I looked at the status. Bloody hell! It says there that the film is new! What happened? Is it exposed? The man from the Photoline shop opened it in the dark room. The heck with it!

    Magrereklamo talaga ako kapag may hindi magandang nangyari sa film. Anak ng putakte ang tokwa ang hanep! Importante pa naman ang laman ng film na 'yun. Babalik nga ako mamaya eh. Asar. Pero sana lang, sana lang talaga walang masamang nangyari dahil kung meron ay ewan ko na lang. Anak ng tokwa, naaasar ako!

    Oh, Neia called at around 22 o'clock. The feud isn't over yet. T_T
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    Monday, 14 March 2005
    2005 Ragnarok Conventon
    Last Saturday, March 12, was the 2005 Philippine Ragnarok Convention. It was held in Market!Market! I went there after our CWTS graduation rehearsal, around quarter to 12.

    I came there alone, but I didn't mind. I can go to any place all by myself. I registered and roamed around. As I did, I saw Eugene sitting and he's wearing a costume. I drew near him and greeted Eugene. I don't know know the character he's portraying so I asked him. He said it's a monk. Ok, quiet nice. Then I excused myself so I can roam around.

    I decided to line up for the henna tattoo. It was a long line, very long. As I was about 5-8 places away from the booth, Leanel approached me. Of course, she greeted me. I was silent before she came, but then I seemed to become talkative. I had a dizzy emoticon on my left metacarpal.

    When we were about to line for the "Lost Map Puzzle", I saw the person who talked to me when I met Carlo in SM Megamall. He greeted me and asked who is my companion. I said she's my friend-Leanel. He introduced himself. He said that we can call him JC. I decided to go for Kuya JC (of course). Then he excused himself.

    Kuya JC left so we're back on what we're doing-waiting. As we did, I saw someone who passed us by. She looks familiar. It was Luna. I like her hair. It's so kawaii! ^_^

    As we wait to be on the Lost Map Puzzle Booth, there was a kid that pissed us. I didn't bother to deal with him, but Leanel was like a pikon. Pumapatol siya sa bata. !_! ?_?

    It was our turn to solve the puzzle. Leanel made it. So am I. Yokatta! Wakeke...thanks to the boy who helped us. Oh, i just remember. The boy who pissed us didn't make it. Too bad for him.

    We already had 2 stamps so we need 3 more so we can have the freebie bag. *envious, envious* The line seemed to take for a lifetime so Leanel and me decided to changed course. We went from Novice Challenge to Marriage Challenge. Actually, the other reason why we changed course was because we wanted to have a seat so even though I have a level up card, I didn't show it. The longer we stayed there the better.

    After the I Miss You Booth, we went to the next booth. I don't remember the name but in it you'll be asked 5 questions. 3 correct answers would be fine. We got the first 3 questions correctly so we're level-up. ^_^

    The next was Bard and Dancer. We went for Dancer Booth, though we sucked at Dance Revo. We can dance but not on a commanded pad. XD We had 2 stamps so we're done with the course. Not really. There's still the Wedding Booth. Wakekeke.... We were looking for male partners because they don't allow girl and girl (=p yuri XD). Good thing we found us partners. They are from the barko. Hahaha...child abuse! Are we doing pedophilia? The heck! It's not like that!!!

    My partner and me decide to have a trip mode. He will be the bride and I'll be the groom. That was quite nice. Wakekeke XD
    Hope he'll send me the pic soon.

    After we had the wedding ceremony, we lined up for the freebie bag. Finally, Leanel and me are no longer envious! But I saw a kid holding the t-shirt she had. Waaaa! I want a t-shirt! T_T *envious, envious*

    My freebie bag contains the ff: Ragnarok 2005 calendar, Ragnarok Notebook, Amatsu and Kunlun Poster, and an orange Poring doll (it's what Leanel really wants).

    ~to be continued....
    I have to got to school now.

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    Friday, 11 March 2005
    The MMDI Test
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    Thursday, 10 March 2005
    I'm Izam!
    Cute and adorable, you're Izam.

    Which Member of SHAZNA Are You?
    brought to you by
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    Wednesday, 9 March 2005

    Name / Username:

    Name Acronym Generator
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    No More Oral Revalida!!!
    Everyone in our class, I-CN, was so happy as soon as we've heard that we no longer have Oral Revalida. Gosh, isang malaking tinik ang naalis sa amin! Buti na lang. ^_^ Yokatta!!!

    It feels like I'm still alive. Thoughts of having parasu* is decreased.

    Still then, we have other things to attend. But the lost of oral revalida in our lives (for this semester) is something we all want, even if there are other stuffs/projects in other subjects. Seems like I-CN is the only section who takes oral revalida seriously. Wakekeke...

    *something I have since childhood T_T
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    Saturday, 5 March 2005
    My classmates and me went to SM Megamall to do our project in Sociology. I don't belong to their group, but I came with them because I'm going to give the requested music videos to mon new tomodachi.

    Matte, baka! Je est bloody pissed. Kanojo wa pisses moi dakara Je have to va. Matta ne~
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    Wednesday, 2 March 2005
    Gothic Lolita
    I'm doing a research or whatever about this kind of fashion. I just want to have more "idea" or "knowledge" about this thing. I'm actually planning to have this kind of fashion. Maybe not today, but someday-with some innovations to make it my personal style. It's cute anyway. And it's also showing refinement-culture, elegance, style and sassiness (on my own POV).
    Just wondering, will the Philippines have or accept this kind of style? "Birds of the same feather flock together". I'm not a poser or do I plan to be one. I just want to try things. Anyway, come what may. (What am I talking about?)
    I'm from a tropical country. It's a little hard to portray this thing, I mean to have this kind of style. Well, it's up to the person who wears a dress how to handle situations.
    I think I better wait 'til I'm in Japan before I could have this kind of style. =p
    What's important, anyway, is that you're comfortable with yourself and with what you do, whatever you are wearing....I wonder who won as Mr. and Ms. Nursing last night. I hope My friends did well.
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    Tuesday, 1 March 2005
    Dissociative Identity Disorder

    By experiencing traumatic events, like for instance (sexual) abuse or emotional neglectance humans can create multiple personalities in order to protect themselves. These personalities can go through life separately. Assumed is that such traumas on an early age in combination of psychiatric disorders can lead to MPD. MPD means Multiple Personality Disorder and is formed on a early age before the person involved has formed an image of himself. Because MPD is categorized in the dissociative disorders by the DSM IV, they altered the name into Dissociative Identity Disorder. Because the situation in the environment stands in the way of developing a personality of the child, there is a chance that the child will divide his experiences into parts to protect himself agains too much damage.

    *Loss of memory, the person involved misses parts of his past. Next to that he or she can often not remember things he (she) just did.
    *Depersonalisation, the feeling of looking towards oneselve from a distance, living out of themselves as a machine, doing things without having a feeling towards it. The contact with the own body seems to be cut down.
    *Derealization, cutting the link to reality, experience the matters around yourself as if they do not 'really' happen. The incapability of recognizing your environment.
    *Identity disorder, hearing of voices from 'different personalities' and the struggle between this personalities.
    *Changes of identity, the altering of personality and because of that only the memories of what 'this' particular personality has experienced, the rest has gone of pushed away into the background.
    *Possibly suicidal tendencies or self injury.
    *(Wanting) to use violence towards the environment because of extreme feelings of hatred.

    Assimilating is a heavy and longterm process, that is ome cases can be done under supervision of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. This depends on the situation in which the patient is and how open he can make himself to this. Next to that he needs to have an enormous amount of energy and power to stand through. Of course these facts also depend on the nature of the traumatical experiences and how deep they are engraved in the mind of the patient.
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