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I'll edit this later. Just got some things to attend to first. *sigh*
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I thought I should keep the following links. They might be of use to me later.

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  • Baby Store
  • Tech and Gadget
  • Jewelry Buying Guides
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  • Auto Part
  • Movie Music Reviews
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    ++Baseball Almanac
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    Other things
    *Chan Robles Virtual Law Library
    *Corpus Juris
    *The 1987 Philippine Constitution
    Other things
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    Tuesday, 25 October 2005
    The Villain

    What Type of Villain are You?

    I can also be like...

    What Type of Villain are You?
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    Personality Profile
    Your Personality Profile

    You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant.
    Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle.
    You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs.

    For you, comfort and calm are very important.
    You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.
    You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.
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    Monday, 24 October 2005
    El Rason
    buddy icons

    I said I'm not going to be online in YM for a few days. I've been asked why I decided to do so. I wasn't actually sure why. But now I know. It's because of Tita. I'm not going any further to explain this. I've also found a new reason. I'm trying to revive the old me. Not the oldee, dying type! I'm referring to what I used to be few years back. But of course (golf course!), I'll still keep some of the characters I have nowadays.

    I'm trying to imagine an almost total extreme Shinrai. Almost total opposite personality. Hades, I have no DPD. Dissociative Personality Disorder or MPD.

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    Thursday, 20 October 2005
    YM: Offline
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    Just a few hours ago, YIM was inabled in this pc. I don't usually get online in YM. Not until recently. Thanks to Gamer Clan. =p I think it quite sucks. Not because there's no YM here, but for the silly thing of being used of getting online in YM. *sighs*

    Still then, I hope Ym gets available in this computer, ASAP.
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    Wednesday, 19 October 2005
    Tennis No Oujisama Test
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    Tuesday, 18 October 2005
    Guilty Gear
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    You are an enigmatic assassin in search of the one
    who took you in and made you what you are. You
    are shrouded in mystery otherwise...

    Guilty Gear X Test.
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Which Guilty Gear X character are you?
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    buddy icons

    I changed the sking of two of my blogs today. I might also change my LJ skin.

    RC. 04:48/Abrupt/Crushing
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    Sunday, 16 October 2005
    Quizzes in Boredomville
    You are FOLKEN!

    ANIME QUIZ - Which Escaflowne Character Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    You are D from "Vampire Hunter D :

    ANIME QUIZ - Which Anime Vampire Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla
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    Sunday, 2 October 2005
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    anong isasagot mo kapag may nagsabi sayo ng...

    i. "bakit ba palagi ka na lang ganyan?"
    ---"When I've figure out, I'll let you know."

    ii. "ngayon ko lang na-realize..mahal pala kita"
    --- Ganun ba?

    iii. "iwanan mo na sya. mas magiging masaya ka sa piling ko."
    --- *tiger look*

    iv. "smile ka nga..cute mo kapag naka smile e.."
    --- *smile sarcastically*

    v. "gawin mo naman yung homework ko sa math"
    --- If you wish to die.

    vi. "sino crush mo? ako diba?"
    --- Wanna die?

    vii. "i am so blessed to have somone like you"
    --- *smile*

    viii. "why does monday come before tuesday?"
    --- Because 'M' comes before 'T'.

    ix. "may ticket ako sa concert ng linkin park, wanna watch?"
    --- Free?

    x. "isa ka sa mga pinakaspecial na tao sa buhay ko..alam mo ba yun?" -
    --- Thanks

    xi. "nahuhulog na ata ako sayo.." -
    --- I can't take you!

    xii. "i can't smile without you.."
    --- Hasus!

    xiv. "wala lang"
    --- ...

    xv. "ano cell number mo?"
    --- Teka, itatanong ko muna sa DNA ko.

    xvi. "can i have this dance?" -
    --- Depends

    xvii. " pwede ba manligaw?"
    --- Sinong liligawan mo?

    xviii. "mahal ko pa din sya hangang ngayon.." -
    --- ...

    xix. "you were everything, everything that i wanted"
    --- Batukan kaya kita!

    xx. "kelan mo ba ako sasagutin?"
    --- ha? ano na nga ulit yung tanong? >>>Same
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