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    Thursday, 26 October 2006
    I will never ask again...
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    Never will I ask something again if a person doesn't want to answer it. I won't bother about it. But there's something I will always realize if that happens to me. And I understand.

    HYDE - Angel's Tale (english ensemble)
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    Wednesday, 25 October 2006
    Hypothalamus vs. Cerebrum
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    Mananagalog ako ngayon.

    Merong isang bagay s'akin na alam kong pwede kong asahan, kahit paano. Pero nananaig pa rin ang isip ko, ang sinasabi nito na "magpakasiguro ka" kaya hindi ako basta-basta naniniwala sa nararamdaman ko. Matagal ko na ring ginagawa 'to.

    May mga bagay akong nararamdaman at napaghihinuha pero hindi ko, at AYAW ko, na basta na lang paniwalaan. Hindi kasi ako ang tipo ng tao na nagtitiwala sa emosyon. Asang gawin ko 'yun. Pero hindi ko binabalewala 'yun dahil alam ko na may rason kung bakit nagkakaganoon. Kung bakit, hindi ko alam. Kung paano, pwede ko pang masagot.

    Ito na lang ang sinasabi ko sa sarili ko, "Mas malaki ang cerebrum sa hypothalamus." Tapos ang usapan. Common sense. At ang hypothalamus ay maraming trabaho kaya malaki ang posibilidad na pumalya siya sa emosyon. Buti pa ang cerebrum, sa pag-iisip lang nakatuon ang trabaho niya. Sa laki niyang 'yun, 'yun lang ang aatupagin niya... 'Di ba nakakapagtaka? Ibig sabihin n'on, ginawa siya para pangunahan mga desisyon natin.

    Naalala ko 'yung sinabi ng kaibigan ko. Madalas kasi, ina-associate na lang natin 'yung mga bagay sa ganito kaya tumutugma. Tama nga naman. Diyan magaling ang tao, sa pagrarason.. na minsan ay mali na. Wika nga, "'Wag kang feeling."

    Pero minsan, singit din 'tong si cerebrum para mangunsinte kay hypothalamus. Pero mas kapanipaniwala naman ang kay cerebrum. Body languages. Sabi nga sa kung saan ko man nabasa, Body language doesn't lie. Alam ko 'yun. Natutunan ko 'yun dahil tumatak sa isip ko ang bagay na 'to at ino-obserbahan ko ang mga bagay-bagay sa paligid ko.

    Kung hindi sang-ayon ang lahat ng "katauhan" mo sa gusto mong iparating, may mali. May tinatago ka o ayaw sabihin.

    Dahil sa "ugali" ni hypothalamus, lagi kong tinatandaan ang sinasabi ng aking Great grandfather, "Jen, take care of yourself." Kapag pakiramdam ko ay nalalaglag na ako, iniisip ko ang sinabi niya s'akin. Kailangan ko talagang ingatan ang aking sarili.


    Iniisip ko ngayon si *toot*. Sana kung tumigil na siya ay hindi pa rin nagbabago pagkakaibigan namin. Wala akong balak mag-reciprocate. *Kei von Mallepa mode* Hindi ko pwedeng gawin 'yun, kahit kanino, sa ngayon.


    HYDE - Dolly

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    Monday, 23 October 2006
    My Flower...
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    A friend of mine was asked what song would he "incorporate" me with. He chose Flower by L'Arc~en~Ciel. I was wondering why. I've seen the PV of Flower and I was wondering if he sees me, based on the PV, caged. So I thought I'd check on he song's translation.

    I've been searching, but to no avail... until a few minutes ago. I saw a link to YouTube for Flower's PV with subtitles. Finally! I watched the PV and read the subtitle. Made me wonder, did he know what the song means?

    I like the song. It's interessante.

    L'Arc~en~Ciel - Promised Land

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    Saturday, 21 October 2006
    Feeling Better-NOT
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    I was surprised with my reaction. Really. Haha! Never mind.

    I'm feeling better now; I mean my hypothalamus is feeling better. But financially speaking, it's my problem. Insufficient funds, if there's one to begin with. -_- I want to attend the Komikon and Ongaku event. But it seems fate is telling me I couldn't. Oh my... Gackt. I've been so emotional my job was affected. Mukha akong ewan kulang na lang uminom ng morphine sabay inom ng maraming PSO4. @_@

    Buti na lang nandiyan si God. I had hope. And I'm keeping it.

    L'Arc~en~Ciel (Live in USA) - Hitomi no Jyuunin

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    Wednesday, 18 October 2006
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    Cherokee - bad; not good; negative; gives bad results (especially in health and/or life)

    *Meanings given were created by me. I'm not sure if such term exists in the dictionaries.

    Gackt - Mizerable

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    Tuesday, 17 October 2006
    "Interview with the Vampire"
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    "L'Arc~enCiel's alluring front man HYDE is no ordinary pretty-boy vocalist. HYDE's musical style ranges from his lullaby-like album Roentgen to his alt-rock guitar-driven album 666. His voice is reminiscent of Jimmy Gnecco of Ours, but perhaps with more depth and range- a voice worthy of envy amoung rock-ballad crooners."

    Shojo Beat: You are a well-known member of the band L'Arc~en~Ciel. What made you decide to pursue a solo career?
    HYDE: In a band, all the members work together to complete the songs, and by working together, they make the songs change form. I believe that's what band magic is. But after doing that for a while, I wanted to make music from my own world perspective. It took a while for it to come to fruitition after I started thinking that way, though.

    SB: Your new album is titled FAITH. How did you come up with that title?
    H:When I put the ten songs together for this album, I thought the best way to summarize them was with the word faith. There are a lot of religious expressions in this album, so I thought the word that represented those things should be chosen.

    SB: So faith is teh message you want to convey with your album?
    H: No, you have to look at each song individually. Faith can be understood in so many ways, and that alone will not lead you to the core of the songs. You actually have to listen to each of the songs to understand.

    SB: How is FAITH different from your previous solo album, such as Roentgen and 666?
    H: The atmosphere, the pleasure of performing heavy songs, the enjoyment of a slow song, the feeling of missing an emotion such as passion, sweat, and so on- I put all the things I felt during my last solo tour, 666, and all the things that were missing then, into making this new album. For the new album, I incorportated what kind of performance I wanted to give this time around.

    SB: Your group L'Arc~en~Ciel has performed inthe United States, China, and Korea. How has your international recognition affected your work with L'Arc? How about as a solo performer?
    H: When our music reached out to foreign audiences, it was a big deal for me to have the music transcend borders... to have people from different countries learning our Japanese songs and singing along with us. I felt as if we became one through music overseas. I saved up each of those emotions within me. I don't actually know how that has affected my new album, but I'm certain it had an effect.

    SB: What made you decide to perform concerts in California this summer?
    H: I think it's because I'm confident about the sound I create. I really feel that Americans will connect with my hard-rock sound... So if there is a chance and a place for me to perform, I'll gladly be there.

    SB: Will your performances in the States vary from those you've done in other countries? If so, how?
    H: Well, I have the Japan tour prior to that, so I'm going to try things out there first and bring the best of it to U.S. fans.

    SB: You have released many songs with English lyrics; did you originally intend your songs to reach listeners who can't speak Japanese?
    H: I usually listen to English songs, so naturally, I thought about writing songs that you can listen to alongside other English songs. It would be ideal to have you listen to my song on your iPod, along with the kind of music that you usually listen to, and have it feel completely natural. In parts where Japanese would flow better, though, I prefer to use Japanese. But overall, English just sounds good to me, so I write in English, with a flow that comes naturally.

    SB: Do you read any books or manga?
    H: I like the Harry Potter series, and I like Nana, Death Note, and manga like that.

    SB: Is there anything else you'd like to share with your American fans?
    H: For the first time, I recorded in L.A. and created a sound I really like. I can't wait to do that album live in the United States. Please come enjoy the show.

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    Credits: Shojo Beat, JPM, Rinoa Heartilly.


    Music: DOLLY
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    Sunday, 15 October 2006
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    For the past three or four days, I've been having LSS on Laruku's Finale. It usually occurs during daytime and when I'm going home, Season's Call or Unexpected (English ensemble) by HYDE takes over. I'm getting addicted to this band and its vox. Plus I can't keep HYDE off my mind. Shagadelic. *lol*

    L'Arc~en~Ciel - Shinjitsu to Gensou to (真実と幻想と Reality and Illusions)
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