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    Wednesday, 20 December 2006
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    I'm having a hard time thinking of what to do. Yeah, first things first. But I'm not talking about such thing. It's... personal. To go or not to go? My hypothalamus says go and leave. But my frontal lobe says otherwise. It seems like these two organs have switched their functions. How uncanny!

    Why leave?
    *I want to have a life.
    *I want to start over again.
    *I don't want to take burden/s with me. (Talking about hurt feelings here.)

    Sounds like I've just had a break up or about to have one.

    Why not leave?
    *There's no one to watch out..
    *Sadness might come any time..
    *It's mean to do so. I can't stand to leave a friend.

    I look like Allison Cameron.

    I guess I'll just hang around for the mean time. "We're colleagues." Foreman. I guess I can stand that. Maybe I'm just hurt. Like what I say to my friend, "Never decide at night." It's an Arab proverb.

    Shagadelic. I'm miserable.

    If it wasn't for what happened recently, I'd say I regret knowing this friend. Hey, I'm still a friend. Nothing changes. It just seems to be one-sided friendship. Doesn't actually matter to me. But it makes me feel say, "Hey! You've got a friend here. You need help? I'm here."

    Nakashima Mika - Ai Shiteru

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    Thursday, 14 December 2006
    Skepticism and Exodus
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    I am thankful to God for my skepticism. I don't believe everything, but that doesn't mean I'm ignoring it. I'm just placing it somewhere in my mind. So whatever the results may be I won't be surprised. I've already prepared myself.

    ~ ~ ~

    On the other hand, I'm still thinking about something... I believe I have to settle things soon. And I've got to do it logically.

    It's not difficult. But it's painful. It's painful because we know the answer. -Grey's Anatomy
    I think I do know the answer. I'm not just facing it. State of denial? ~_~

    I can go on my own. But that may mean leaving you behind. And I hate leaving people behind. Tell me to stay and I will.

    Nakashima Mika - Sakurairo Maukoro
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    Monday, 11 December 2006
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    I feel sad. I don't know how to sing correctly. Or so I thought.

    I'm not sure if it's true, but a friend of mine said, "Maganda naman boses mo eh."
    My English teacher in sixth grade told me to join the school choir kasi ang cute daw ng boses ko.
    And I remember Ate Lei way back when I was still in my fifth or sixth grade. She told me to join the Rev 5. I just smiled.

    They were really expecting me to sing? O_o

    I can write a song, yes. But I know NO instrument. I can't even trust my own voice. I'm lost. I've lost a lot of chances... It may be true, but I'll never let such thing happen again. I'm not referring to myself, but for --. Yeah.

    Being a composer would be enough for me.. But it's sad. Well, I still have years to live. I'll do everything I can to learn even just one instrument. God, help me do so. I'll make You not just one wonderful song; I'll always make songs for You.

    While I could only sing for myself and God, I'll keep the hope, faith and love alive. There's always the loo. I can sing there by all means, unreserved! ^_~
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    Wednesday, 6 December 2006
    Hidden Desire
    One of the things I fear in life is losing love. Not for me. But for other people. There's someone special to me and I am afraid that the day will come when I wake up and find out I no longer "love" this person. I will not lose the love for friendship and the like, but the compassion and deep feeling... I don't want to lose it. Not yet. I don't want to leave him "unloved". I've shed enough salty dews for him. I don't want him to be alone.

    L'Arc~en~Ciel - Heaven's Drive

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    Sunday, 3 December 2006
    Off to Dreamland
    Quiz Result Provided By:

    What Personality Do You Have?

    Hosted by Anime. Done right.

    Music: Ueto Aya - Name of Love
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