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    Thursday, 23 February 2006
    Slow GC
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    Hanep! Ang bagal ng Gamer Clan forums!. Ano bang nangyari? May member ba na sobrang laki ang siggy? O 'di naman kaya ay mabagal lang talaga net connection ngayon? Pero sa GC lang nangyayari 'yun eh. Asar naman.
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    Saturday, 18 February 2006
    Life OST
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    Go And Sin No More
    ~Rebecca St. James

    I've sinned, come on my knees
    For I'm not worthy of Your love
    How could You die for me
    Such grace can only come from God

    Oh Lord, You search and You know me
    You see me inside out
    God, You alone can forgive me
    Erase my fear and my doubt
    Father, You pick me up
    I feel like a child in Your arms
    I don't deserve this love,
    but I hear Your voice, Lord Jesus

    Go and sin no more
    He said "I will not condemn you,
    I'll forgive and I'll forget it all
    Go and sin no more
    My child, let me remind you it
    is I who'll lead and guide you as you go"

    You are my purpose - You are the reason that I live
    I want to be like You - Help me to love and to forgive
    God, let me not be distracted
    Lord, help me focus on You
    Keep sin from ruling my, Lord - make me holy and pure
    Father, You pick me up - I feel like a child in Your arms
    I don't deserve this love but, I hear Your voice Lord, Jesus


    Wipe, wipe away
    Take, take away
    Break, break away
    Fill my life, make it right
    Father, help me, Father, help me go


    He said "I will not condemn you, no
    Go and sin no more
    My child let me remind you it is I
    who'll lead and guide you as you go"

    I've sinned, come on my knees, how could You die for me
    You search my heart - know my thoughts
    See me inside out and all throughout me
    You alone can forgive me
    You always pick me up - like a child in Your arms
    I could stay with Your forever here

    Music: DM - Cross Road
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    Friday, 17 February 2006
    FriDAY Night
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    My groupmates have just left. But we'll see each other tomorrow for another group work. Gosh... this community presentation is requiring me more ATPs! But I'll manage. I have to. Btw, there's more to come. We've got defense presentation next month. Gonna face some CIs of the college.

    During the past days, I always get the chance to pass Monster Street. Coolness! Yikee!!!

    I just remember... tonight is our College Grand Ball. I'm not attending. Good luck to those who do. Enjoy!

    Music: December Love Song
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    Wednesday, 15 February 2006
    No Subject
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    I'm tired today. Need to get some sleep. It's really hecticness to the max but I know it'll end soon. It's part of growing up. Besides, it's good to have something to do than none. I prefer toxic day than a benign one.

    Next week is our community duty (trip) in Bagong Ilog Health Center. Just finished in Bagong Ilog PC. Next week is also our community presentation. Yay! @_@

    Music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Day Break

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    Monday, 6 February 2006
    Sick to the Core
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    I'm feeling sick to the core. Well, it's not just 'subjective' (NCP mode) ... it's real. My head feels like a bomb going to explode anytime soon.

    School is draining me. I'm emotionally-almost-dehydrated. It's just bloody. I don't want to get sick. Not now... we're having our health center duties... I need to preserve my strength. I need to stay sick-free. I really need it!

    I haven't slept well yesterday and now... I'm working overtime ovenight when I should be sleeping, dreaming. I need to sleep and dream. Gosh, I'm bloody tired... I'm afraid I won't be able to wake up early later. Need to be in school before 7 in the morning.

    I'm tired. Bloody.
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