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    Tuesday, 30 December 2008
    (Possible) Last Entry for 2008

    For the nth time, I have been disoriented to time/date again. It's bloody annoying. And what's more bloody annoying was being unproductive. It bloody sucks.

    It seems that I am not in the mood to write any blog entries so I'll just leave it here. This could even be my last entry for this year.

    WELCOME, 2009!!

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    Friday, 19 December 2008
    Ideal Guy? survey
    If I were a guy, I would be GAY.
    ~Silver Siren

    1.Dapat ba maganda?
    Magandang lalake, yesh. But not perfect.

    2. Matalino?
    Doesn't have to be as smart as Isaac Newton, but if he's good in Physics that'd be cool. Street smart, yes, please.

    3. Preferred Age?
    Older. =)) By one to five years.
    ^SAME. If same age, at least months older.

    4. Preferred Height?
    Tall! <3>

    5. How about sense of humor?

    6. How about piercings?
    It's long as they're not in uh, strange places. XDDDDD

    7. aUn Un eH

    8. Mushy or not?
    Just enough is enough.

    9. Thin or Fat?

    10. Dimples?
    Thank you. =)

    11.Morena/o or Chinita/o or Mestisa/o?
    Even skin tone. No chinito. Please.

    12. Long Hair or Short Hair?
    Any, as long as it fits him and he doesn't look like an idiot.

    13. Plastic or Metal?
    His prosthetic leg???

    14. Smells good?
    Of course.

    15. Smoker?
    Not one, please. As much as possible.

    16. Drinker?
    At parties, sure. AS LONG AS HE CAN CONTROL IT.

    17. Boy/girl-next-door type?

    18. Musically inclined?
    Love that.

    19. Plays Guitar?
    That'd be nice. Please. I'd love to be a student. :p

    20. Piano?
    Sure. =)

    21. Plays flute?
    A virtuoso? =)

    22. Sings very good?
    Sings very well.

    23. Vain?
    Just fine.

    24. With Glasses?
    Why not. Nerds are sexy. ^_~

    25. With Braces?

    26. Shy type?
    Assertive, please.

    27. From what school?
    A good school, with good record. =)

    28. Active or Passive?

    29. Sporty or kikay?
    Into sports in ok.

    30. Singer or dancer?
    Singer, yes! Dancer? What dance? XD

    31. Suplada/suplado?
    Suplado looking is ok, but not by heart.

    32. Hiphop?
    ^LIKE NOW?

    33. Earrings?
    As long as it suits him.

    35. Hard to get?
    Not to me!
    ^SAME. XD

    36. Mr or ms count-my-ex-till-u-drop?
    GO DIE!!

    38. Bookworm?
    Sure. If he's a Robert Ludlum fan.. <3

    39. Mr. love letter?

    40. May goatee?
    Amon-like? Sure. As long as he doesn't look like a lion.

    41. Flirt?
    No. Or better die. Kung s'akin lang, sure! XD

    42. Poem writer?
    Wag lang sappy.

    43. Serious?
    Of course.

    44. Galante?
    Sure. Pero dapat low profile. Hahaha!

    45. Campus crush?
    NO. AYAW.

    45. Painter?

    46. Religious?

    47. Alaskador?
    Not in a mean slash annoying way.

    48. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
    OK lang basta hindi niya buhay ang computer. Naman!

    49. Speaks 20 languages?
    Basta tuturuan niya ako. XD

    50. Loyal o faithful?

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    Tuesday, 9 December 2008
    Not Yet

    I don't feel good today. I'm not even feeling fine. I know something's wrong. And missing. There's something I really want to do. Woot! Did I just say "really"? OMG. But yes, I want to do that. Too bad I can't and must not. Not yet. I'd be doomed if I do so. And it's driving me nuts. x_x

    I've lost access to my other blog, which was the private and most intimate one. I can't remember the e-mail add I used so there's no way to retrieve it. The password doesn't work. So annoying. As of now, I need to keep my logic working, though it always does. Most of the time. That thing that I want to do, I wonder if it'll quench my thirst or satisfy me. But I doubt it, because I know that once I do it I'll ask for more. And that's one of the reasons why I have to wait.


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    Wednesday, 3 December 2008
    Hair and Face Care
    I've been roaming the net when I got online to get some homemade recipes for hair and face care. Of course I found a good number of recipes but I can't use them all at the same time so I will just post the links here for future reference.

    Fat Free Kitchen
    Natural Facial Masks for Oily Skin
    Make Your Own Homemade Face Mask
    Beautiful Skin Blog
    Banana Mask for Oily Skin

    Paramore - Pressure

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    Monday, 1 December 2008

    I would like to make the decision now to take a challenge. Yes. I want to take the challenge of self-discipline. And I am writing that here so I'd remember.

    After a century of instant gratification,
    I found self-disciplineā€¦ challenging.

    Jasper Hale, Eclipse, Chapter 13, p.301

    Vivaldi - La Primavera

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