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    Sunday, 30 November 2008
    The Dawn decision

    I am now making the decision not to make and/or participate in unnecessary Twilight discussions, i.e. annihilate the movie. But for the last time, so far, the movies has flaws but I still love it. I have been too forgiving lately. I guess.

    Music - Supermassive Black Hole

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    Friday, 28 November 2008
    Inspired to cook.

    I was watching the "Villains" episode of Heroes season 3. In one of the scenes, Angela Petrelli was cooking. I got hungry. And of course, I wanted to cook. I want to make some Italian dish.

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    Wednesday, 26 November 2008
    Twilight is like Pinakbet -- bitter gourd and bagoong and eggplant rolled into one
    Pinakbet is a local dish made of vegetables, bagoong (bah-goh-ong) and animal fat. The authentic Pinakbet does not need to be stirred. And once you closed the lid, there's no way you should open it again except to fish out the dish and serve it.

    Like Pinakbet -- bitter gourd and bagoong and eggplant rolled into one. What I am trying to say is that Twilight is a movie with sprinkles of suspense/thriller, comedy, and romance. But I am not a fan of the Bella-Edward romance.

    I'd say it's also a family movie. If you've already watched the movie, remember how the Cullens protected Bella? I love what Carlisle said about her. It was sweet.

    Twilight is a package. I also love how the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula was featured. Breath-taking.


    My first review for Twilight is here: 9/10

    Paramore - I Caught Myself

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    Tuesday, 25 November 2008
    E7 for Twilight's Advance Screening
    I was in The Podium yesterday to buy a ticket for Twilight's advanced screening tonight at 20:30. Wooh! I'm bloody excited. :p

    When I got to the counter, I asked how many people had already purchased tickets for the advance screening. They showed my the monitor with lots of red boxes. It meant that a lot of people had already reserved for the "special" event. I just went, "Oh!" because I thought not so many people will watch in The Podium. I was wrong.

    They made me choose a seat. It's a reserved seating stuff. I already had a seat number in mind when I left The Podium last Saturday. It was seat #7 but I wasn't so sure which letter. Maybe it was F7.

    Anyways, what was left for me was E7. There were other vacant seats but I was too persistent with the #7. Besides, It was amusing though I may not have F7 yet E7 remained free. Was that really for me? Haha!

    The Mitch Hansen Band - Stay With Me

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    Monday, 24 November 2008
    Bloody Pissed

    I made a call to a particular cinema in Ortigas earlier so I can make a reservation for Twilight's advanced screening tomorrow night. Troublesome for a patient person. Quite. Anyways, what pissed me was the reply to my inquiry. I have to purchase the ticket at the counter. Bloody hell. I know being upset was illogical, but I just got upset.

    There were other stuff that pissed me today. I just hope I'd do well for the rest of the day.


    I've been saying profanities lately, and I am not bloody happy about it. I then decided to try the alternatives so I can slowly stop saying bad words. But I've noticed that I say "Bloody" and "Bloody hell" a lot. But to justify myself, that's better than the word/s I used to ejaculate a couple of days ago.

    I should really stop this balderdash profanity.

    Paramore - Decode

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    Friday, 21 November 2008

    I don't like my OCD. Whatever that means. :p

    My obsessions about some things give me anxiety, which is expected but unwelcome. All I want, as of now, is be able to focus at one thing at a time and accomplish every task with efficiency. I have a lot of stuff going on in my mind right now, as always. This means summoning my coping and defense mechanisms, and make sure they keep me in balance.


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    Thursday, 20 November 2008
    Bloody Frustration

    Frustrations are bloody annoying. There are a lot of stuff I want to do but some have to wait while others have been missed. It upsets me. Stuff about myself, other people, school, the society, and others are just like missiles hitting me from here and there at the same time.

    Btw, tomorrow is the international release of Twilight. Philippines was supposed to be one of the lucky countries to watch the movie first hand tomorrow. Too bad Summit Entertainment couldn't ship the movie earlier for whatever reason.. I really felt bad when I found it out. May there be no bloody piracy for this much awaited movie.

    Philippines will have Twilight on the 26th.

    I've become more irritated lately. I usually feel that I need to keep moving around and do stuff. "Busy-bisihan." I would love to play the guitar. I mean learn play the guitar. I need more practice.


    Yiruma - River Flows in You

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    Wednesday, 19 November 2008
    New Blog for 2009

    I've been thinking of making a new cyber "life" when 2009 unfolds. I want to have a new blog and the like. But I want it to be organized and neat. And fun, of course. But I was wondering how would I do that. I need a blog server that can satisfy me.

    While making an entry for my school-related blog, I found something interesting. I haven't thoroughly checked it out, though. Maybe later. It's getting late.

    The Mitch Hansen Band - Thorns


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    Tuesday, 18 November 2008

    I've been thinking lately of starting a little business. Actually I've thought about it for quite some time now. I just want to express my "creativity" yet earn, as much as possible, through it. But more than the business thing, I just want to try being "artistic" and make personalized things. I'm trying to cut down unnecessary expenses, though I don't overindulge, and still avail of the things that I want.

    Paramore - CrushCrushCrush

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    Monday, 17 November 2008

    It's quite annoying that despite being busy the whole day you still feel uneasy because you have missed some of your rituals. Well, that's what I am feeling right now. I feel unsatisfied and incomplete. I don't like it. Besides, I've been under Alice Attack. Read: headache.

    If you want to know what happened today, click this.

    Vivaldi - L'Autunno


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    Friday, 14 November 2008
    The FrieDay Entry

    I don't like my blog entry in BlogSpirit today, but I'm leaving it that way. *sigh*

    Anyways, I am having a headache right now. R temple. I am still thinking if I should attend/participate in the "social gathering" slash for a good cause event in FullyBooked later tonight. Twilight Coven Philippines is part of this event.

    Hillsong United - Always

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    Wednesday, 12 November 2008
    Exam Week

    I still haven't made a review for Breaking Dawn. And I still can't make a review this week. It's busy in school, lots of exams. I actually just came back from school -okay, I got back at least half an hour ago- because I attended the FN rationalization of the REGIS. And while I was at it, I was taking exam in PALMAR. Multi-tasking!

    And speaking of exam, I had two exams earlier: one in the morning and another in the afternoon, CHN and FN, respectively. Two hundred items each. The PALMAR exam consisted of two hundred and fifty questions. That means I answered a total of 650 questions today. Err.. yesterday. *sigh*

    The exams didn't end there. I still have more to answer later. Three subjects I guess. That'd be 300 items in total. Three consecutive days of exams.. I wonder how much more my brain can take. Haha!

    Btw, there's a Twilight-related event in FullyBooked on Friday at 1900H. I would like to come, but that means shelling out a hundred bucks. *hides money* Maybe I'll just come in the bookstore, but not participate in the event. Oh well, let's see.. XD

    I have to sleep now. I need my rest. I need lots of it.

    Music: Bella's Lullaby

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    Saturday, 8 November 2008
    7 Days Post Delta

    Seven days ago, I changed my layout into this: -=view=- And just a couple of minutes ago, I have this: -=peek=- I decided to do so because I was quite uncomfortable with the previous layout about some stuff..

    I still have to improve the contents, but not now. I'm still not sure what to add or what.

    Music: The Mitch Hansen Band - Thorns
    Food: Pancake
    Drink: H2O


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    Wednesday, 5 November 2008
    New Layout?
    I'm thinking of changing this blog's layout. I'm having a hard time reading my entries, plus I can't see the title of each entry. I don't like it. But I am not going to do it tonight. Sometime this week or next week. That can wait anyway.

    The Mitch Hansen Band - Lullaby


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    Saturday, 1 November 2008
    I am quite excited for tomorrow. Leaving the house for whatever common reason is not part of it. It's simply because I can make a new blog entry in my BlogSpirit account. I feel like that blog of mine is quite full or bombarded. I prefer things simple. I can make a new entry right now but I've always tried to make sure that I only post one entry per day. In that way, I can keep my blog neat and I won't be having troubles with date-permalinks or the like.

    Paramore - CrushCrushCrush


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