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    Tuesday, 1 March 2005
    Dissociative Identity Disorder

    By experiencing traumatic events, like for instance (sexual) abuse or emotional neglectance humans can create multiple personalities in order to protect themselves. These personalities can go through life separately. Assumed is that such traumas on an early age in combination of psychiatric disorders can lead to MPD. MPD means Multiple Personality Disorder and is formed on a early age before the person involved has formed an image of himself. Because MPD is categorized in the dissociative disorders by the DSM IV, they altered the name into Dissociative Identity Disorder. Because the situation in the environment stands in the way of developing a personality of the child, there is a chance that the child will divide his experiences into parts to protect himself agains too much damage.

    *Loss of memory, the person involved misses parts of his past. Next to that he or she can often not remember things he (she) just did.
    *Depersonalisation, the feeling of looking towards oneselve from a distance, living out of themselves as a machine, doing things without having a feeling towards it. The contact with the own body seems to be cut down.
    *Derealization, cutting the link to reality, experience the matters around yourself as if they do not 'really' happen. The incapability of recognizing your environment.
    *Identity disorder, hearing of voices from 'different personalities' and the struggle between this personalities.
    *Changes of identity, the altering of personality and because of that only the memories of what 'this' particular personality has experienced, the rest has gone of pushed away into the background.
    *Possibly suicidal tendencies or self injury.
    *(Wanting) to use violence towards the environment because of extreme feelings of hatred.

    Assimilating is a heavy and longterm process, that is ome cases can be done under supervision of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. This depends on the situation in which the patient is and how open he can make himself to this. Next to that he needs to have an enormous amount of energy and power to stand through. Of course these facts also depend on the nature of the traumatical experiences and how deep they are engraved in the mind of the patient.
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