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    Thursday, 15 October 2009

    Character encompasses time.

    I wonder if someone else had already said that, but that just came to me after reading some articles about someone who died years ago. I've never met the man. I don't even know what he looked like. But it doesn't matter. What does is his legacy.

    I believe I will not forget his name. I will not mention it here, though. Only God knows that I am a follower of this man. Perhaps someone else will be able to figure it out, but it won't matter.

    A friend of mine once told me in high school that I am very patient, that I don't get angry. But other people think I am a choleric person. Ironic? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's how they saw me, and I care not.

    In defense of my friend who thinks of me as very patient, I'd say she was right. I still am. She just saw me that way because she is a just person. Whenever I am around her, or when we are together, justice is always sought. As a result, I am at peace. For the one thing that is quick to move me into eruption of anger is injustice.

    Justice and injustice are my choice of words, but both may sound so serious. Sometimes, I'm just talking about (simple) fairness and unfairness. So there it goes, but I'd still use the more serious sounding words. Because I hate anything unfair.

    For those who thought of me as very choleric, they were also right. And I still am. Perhaps it was simply because they tolerate injustice, or unjust themselves. Tolerance of evil also makes me go berserk, especially if it is done by those who abuse their positions. There are many forms of injustice, or unfairness, but they all upset me.

    Though I am very upset, I am silent most of the time. At least I try to. I first restore my logical sense then think of how should I react properly.

    There are times that I myself become unjust by simply tolerating some bad deeds, even just by laughing some (bad) things off. I am not happy for having done so. As a resolution, I try my best to be conscious on how I react about some things.

    More than what the law or moral standards state, I make sure that the justice I am upholding roots from God, from His holy Word.

    I've been trying to find out where and when my sense of justice began its roots but I still couldn't find the answer. As for now, I thank God for the gift. Knowledge of justice and exercising them, with or without audience, are gifts from the Lord. At the end of the day, and when the day comes should I leave this earth, I will be accountable to God.

    I may not be part of the judicial system of my country, but I belong to the health care system. A lot of injustice happen in this almost forgotten system so I pray to God that albeit the deficiencies of the system, I will not use them as excuse to be unjust.

    As a nurse, I am a patient's advocate, of his rights and of his health. I will do my best to live by the principles of the title I hold and keep the integrity of the justice I believe in.

    Justice must be served. I always think of it, even when I ride a jeepney because a lot of the usual spots where commuters load and unload are posted with "No Loading and Unloading," which is annoying. But still, I have to obey simple rules.

    May the Lord bless everyone who loves justice.

    U2 - Summer Rain

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