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    Saturday, 5 February 2005
    This is what I passed to my Sociology professor. I wonder what will be the result =3
    As I did my interview to lolo Rosendo, I had a hard time how to ask questions. I had to be very careful because he's an elder. I don't know what displeases him and I am afraid I'd be impolite. Also, I had to choose my words carefully because I don't know how to communicate in Panggalato. I asked him in Filipino (Tagalog). He was even asking Uncle Jess for some translation. I noticed that lolo Rosing is a reserved person, or maybe it was because we've only met once. But he's a relative, a real grandfather.
    During the interview, I tried to see or understand what lolo Rosing thinks so I listened to his answers carefully. I noticed when I asked him about government that he prefers the past ones. He also likes late President Ramon Magsaysay. His reason was, "Parang mahirap eh" (Because he's like the poor). Lolo Rosendo likes or wants government officials or leaders who understand commoners especially those with low living. As we went on, I noticed that lolo Rosing is fine with the present administration but comments that the president is a woman. I think lolo doesn't like to have an officer who is a woman. He's such a patriarchal. Lolo is traditional.
    When asked about the youth today, he dispises them. Though not all. Lolo Rosendo is sensitive. As he is traditional, he doesn't like how the youth today behave. As he told me about this I realized that though we are in modern time we still have to keep the virtues we were taught about. I also learned from my interview with him that a little respect given to an elder weighs much.
    People are guided by their principles and these contribute how a man thinks and behaves. Lolo Rosendo's principle is homely. I realized that though simplicity is good it doesn't always apply to principles. Our way of thinking must always be open like an ocean. Wide and vast. Doesn't stick to a single place but travels everywhere. Also, it has to be as gentle as a tender breeze and like the horizon that meets both the sky and the earth.
    I didn't find much pleasure in this interview but I am glad to have a "conversation" with an elder. It made me re-learn basic things.
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