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    Thursday, 23 August 2007
    Yeah, shoot me.

    A - Are you available?

    > For what?

    What is your age?
    > at least 18

    B - Do you know anyone named Brian?
    > I do.

    When is your birthday?
    > months from now

    C - What's your favorite candy?
    > Fox's

    What kind of car do you drive?:
    > I don't drive.

    D - Do you daydream?
    > A lot.

    What's your favorite kind of dog:
    > Ping, Pong, Cotton, and Candy. Our Japanese Spitz

    E - How do you like your eggs?
    > Boiled

    Have you ever been in the emergency
    > Yes.

    Ever pet an elephant?
    > Nope

    F - Do you use a fly swatter?
    > Nope.

    Is there a fan in your room?
    > None

    G - Do you chew gum?
    > I don't.

    Do you like gummy candies?
    > I don't.

    H - How are you?
    > Vital signs are stable..

    What color is your hair:
    > Dark brown

    I - What's your favorite ice cream?
    > Avocado, Ube, Coffee Crumble

    Have you ever ice skated?
    > Have not.

    Ever been in an igloo?
    > Have not.

    J - Do you wear jewelry
    > I don't.

    K - Who do you want to kill?
    > AFA.

    Have you ever flown a kite?
    > Yes

    L - Lions or tigers?
    > Tigers

    M - Favorite stores at the mall?
    > Bookstores

    Favorite movie?
    > The Godfather

    N - Do you have a nickname?
    > I do.

    Do you prefer night or day?
    > Night. And day for sleep.

    O - Are you an only child?
    > Am not.

    Do you like the color orange.?
    > I don't.

    P - Do you know anyone named Penelope?:
    > I don't.

    Are you quick to judge people?
    > I'm just critical..

    R - Do you think you're always right?
    > It's good to know that I am not always right. Believe me.

    Do you watch reality TV?
    > Nope

    S - Do you prefer sun or rain?
    > Rain.

    Do you like snow?
    > ...

    T - What time is it?
    > 11:30 AM

    What time did you wake up?
    > Past 5 in the morning. Yeah, somebody shoot me.

    U - Can you ride a unicycle?
    > I can't.

    Do you know anyone with a unibrow?
    > I don't.

    V - Did you ever watch Veggie tales?
    > The Veggie Bible tales? Yes.

    W - What's your worst habit?
    > I am not confessing it.

    What do you want right now?:
    > Sleep.

    X - Have you ever had an x-ray?
    > Yes. Every year.

    Ever used a Xerox machine?:
    > Yes.

    Y - Do you like the color yellow?
    > NO. Reminds me of infectious things.

    Do you yell when you're angry?
    > I don't.

    Z - Do you believe in the zodiac?
    > I don't.
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