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    Tuesday, 12 July 2005
    buddy icons
    24 September - 23 October

    Libra is the seventh Sign of the Zodiac, and it is at this point that we start to see a shift. While the first six Signs of the Zodiac focus on the individual, the last six focus on the individual's contact with others, and with the world at large. Librans are preoccupied with others and how they relate to them. We can call this the Sign of partnership - these people never want to be alone. For a Libran everything is better if it is done by a pair. Librans are good at pairing up because they epitomise balance, harmony and a sense of fair play. While they are true team players at work, their favourite partnership is at home - marriage. Librans feel most complete when they are coupled up with their lover, forever.

    Libra is symbolised by the scales and, just as that balancing mechanism strives to stay even, so the Librans want to remain on an even keel. Think of the Scales of Justice and how they work at striking the right balance. Likewise, Librans are objective, just, and want to do what is best for everyone. It's possible, though, that this penchant for fairness is for a different reason - Librans abhor conflict. The Scales study every possible angle in the hopes of achieving peace and harmony, so much so that others may see them as fickle and indecisive. If that's what it takes to avoid a confrontation, that's fine with the Scales. The Libra-born are keen strategists, organising groups with poise and getting the job done (in keeping with the Cardinal Quality assigned to this Sign). You can expect the Scales to be companionable and sociable people.

    Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus. In ancient Roman mythology, Venus was a smooth seductress who was at her best amid pleasurable excess. Well, Librans are certainly carrying the torch for her today. The Scales are cultured, refined and love beautiful things. Most of all, they love beautiful people, which is why Librans do so well at cocktail parties or at the theatre, opera or ballet. Those born under this Sign always have the right thing to say and know how to make others feel comfortable. Librans are so adept at charming conversation that they need to be mindful of overstepping their boundaries and appearing vain or gossipy (the Scales do love intrigue). At their best, however, Librans are a pleasure to be with. Librans are artistic, stylish and enjoy creating a beautiful world. The converse of this is that bored Librans can become apathetic and lazy - but they'll smile anyway.

    The Element associated with Libra is Air, and that means reaching higher, specifically to intellectual heights. Librans like to put their minds to good use, and enjoy communicating their thoughts to others. They use conversation in order to understand others better, knowledge about people is the important thing for Librans. You can expect the Scales to make a fair argument, too, since they live by the principles of diplomacy and compromise. When this approach doesn't work, however, Librans are not above using their persuasive charms to get their way. Manipulative? No. Librans are really too nice for that. Plus, any tricks these folks play are usually to build themselves up, since the Scales can easily lose their confidence. Librans are polite and don't like to fight, they prefer to talk things through.

    Remember, these folks know how to communicate (they're Air Signs) so they're bound to make their point. Librans don't get in a huff when faced with an opposing viewpoint. Rather, they take a deep breath and consider all the options in the spirit of co-operation.

    Librans at play may not be as energergetic as at work, if you can call socialising work (and the Scales do). That's why exercise for Librans needs to have a social component to it, such as that found at a gym. Alternatively, Librans love the outdoors, so riding and biking can also prove fun. They also appreciate the colours of the sunset sky, that melding of ivory, pink and light blue. In the game of love, Librans are a bundle of energy, romantic and loyal to the core. The Scales need to take care of their lower backs, though, which tend to shoulder any burdens they may be carrying.

    The great strength of the Libra-born is their quest for fairness, peace and harmony. That the Scales are the great diplomats of the Zodiac further helps their case.

    Credit: Astrology
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