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    Friday, 10 June 2005
    Another Survey from RiCah
    buddy icons

    1)Starting time: 09:28
    2)Full name: Shinrai Akino
    3)Nicknames: Shinrai, JenShinrai, Yakasha
    4)Age: Young enough, old enough
    5)Email: ...
    6)Eyes: Kuro avec blue-green 'border'
    7)Height: 5'4"
    8)Siblings: A million?
    9)Been drunk before: Iie
    10)Cheated: Wakarimasen
    11)Missed school cause of rain: Si
    12)Set any body part on fire for amusement: Iie
    13)had a secret from everyone: Si
    14)Had an imaginary friend: Oui
    15)Wanted to hook up w/ a kabarkada: Iie
    16)Smacked or grabbed a guys/girls ass: Iie
    17)Had a crush on a teacher: Kakashi-sensei?
    18)Ever thought of animated characters: Si
    19)Ever owned a 'New Kids on the block'?: Iie
    20)Ever prank called someone?: Iie
    21)Been on stage: Hai
    33)Cried: Hai
    34)Been mean: Si
    37)Met someone new: Si
    38)Talk to someone you had a crush on: Wakaranai
    39)Missed someone: Si
    40)Hugged someone: Si
    41)Fought w/ parent(s): Non
    42)Wished upon a star: Maybe
    43)Laughed until u cried: Oui
    44)Watched sunrise/sunset: Hai
    46)Went to the beach at night: Si
    47)Read a book for fun: SI
    48)Ate meat: Si, demo no pork.
    49)Lonely: Oo
    51)Are you talking to someone online: Iie
    59)Who named you: Oma
    60)Backstreet Boys or N'Sync: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    61)Last time u showered: Last night
    62)Last thing u said when u talked onlyn: Forgot
    63)Whats right nxt to you?: Nezumi
    64)Whats your computer desk made of: wood>>>Same
    65)Last thing u ate: Breakfast--- rice and corned beef avec egg
    67)Where would you want to go on yourbirthday? : Somewhere solitude
    68)Who do you want to spend the rest of yourlife with?: Moi
    69)Weather right now: Fine
    70)What did you do last night: Read
    72)How do YOU eat an Oreo: I eat it.
    73)All time favorite tv show: Wakarimasen
    74)Car: Hopefully
    75)What do you want to be: You don't have to know.
    77)Fave music: Varies
    79)Fave food: Asian and European cuisine
    80)Fave day of week: Weekends
    83)If u could change your name what would it be?: Shinrai...
    84)Do you sleep w/ stuffed animal: Poring
    85)Most stupid thing u've ever done?: Himitsu
    89)Fave drink: Distilled water, Hot Tea, Nesvita
    90)You like scary or funny movies better: Asian comedie
    91)On the phone or in person: in person>>>Same
    92) lust or love: Love
    93)If you could change something about yourself: My past>>>Same
    94)Do you consider cheerleading a sport: no>>>Same
    95)Do you have pets: Nai
    96)Who sent this survey to you: RiCah Haruna
    97)What do you think about this person?: Naisu!
    98)What is your fave song?: None. Half Pain at the moment.
    99)Want others to do survey?: ...
    100) time: 109:39

    posted by JenShinrai @ 9:16:00 am  
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